Wollmeise WIPs

I’ve finally been knitting a lot again lately, so expect quite a few of WIP/FO post in the near future. I’ve finished my Birdseed Cardigan, but the weather has been too rainy and dreary to get any good pictures. So I figured I’d show you what else I’ve been working on recently.


First up, the Tie-Neck Jumper from 1948 in Wollmeise Lace. The colour is Amethyst Dark and – as usual with purple and Wollmeise – the colour is much brighter and more vibrant in real life. I’m absolutely loving it so far, but it is taking fairly long because of the small needles. I’ve finished the back (as you can see in the picture) and I’m about half-way through the front.

waterfall cardi

Here’s a WIP shot of another Wollmeise Lace project, this time in Grünfink. I finished the knitting on this a year ago, but in the mean time a critter of some kind ate a hole in it. Luckily it was only about 10cm below the cast off edge and I had enough yarn to reknit that bit. (This is why I now do not only keep my yarn in plastic boxes but my FOs too). It’s one of my own designs, but I’m not yet completely sure if it will make it to the completed pattern stage. It’s all stockinette, so I’m still debating whether or not to crochet a little edge around it to take some of the curl out. On the other hand, the curl is quite nice in this design. Once the ends are woven in and the sun is shining again, I’ll post a shot of it without a crocheted edging, and then I’d love to hear your suggestions!


Wednesday WIP

EmiliePattern: Emilie
Yarn: Wollmeise 100% in Magnolie Dark
(2 skeins, ca. 1100 m)
Needles: 2,75 mm & 3,5 mm

Verdict so far:
I love it! The colour is so beautiful, I don’t think the picture could ever do it justice. I’ve only got the sleeves to go and can’t wait to finish and wear it.

As far as the Sew Weekly challenge goes, I’ve taken my inspirational picture very loosely. It’ll probably be finished & photographed on Friday.

Somewhere over the Rainbow

Multi-coloured yarns often look so beautiful in the hank, but I can never find a knitting pattern that doesn’t make me hate the way the colours line up. The unpredictable pooling is really not my thing and intentional pooling – no matter how beautiful – just seems to take too much fidgeting and redoing. Unfortunately for my wallet, I have found what does make multi-colours shine: weaving.

Meet my newest crafting-thing, an Ashford Knitter’s Loom (50 cm wide). I was so jealous of all the gorgeous scarves and stoles showing up in the Wollmeiseholics Anonymous group on Ravelry, that I had to have a loom of my own. I haven’t been using it very much yet, but I am wearing the first proper scarf I have woven.

By now I’m quite a bit further along with the second one than the photo shows, and I am loving the way it turns out. The colours form a kind of – but not quite – plaid which is absolutely lovely. I do hope to finish it soon, because I think there might be someone who would be very happy with a scarf like this. Luckily I’m not in too much of a hurry; it’s still bloody cold around here.



  • Wollmeise 100% – Raku Regenbogen
  • 10 dent heddle
  • 96 warp ends