Preview: Burdastyle Magazine March 2013

cardigan 2

Love this cute little cardigan. A nice addition to the growing pile of knit cardigans!

floral dress

The whole “Blütenträume” (Flower Dream) section is wonderful. I love the little cap sleeves on this dress.


The gathered bodice on this is gorgeous. I would probably make it shorter though.

I'm not sure if the stripey trousers are a pattern in this Burda - but they're awesome!

I’m not sure if the stripey trousers are a pattern in this Burda – but they’re awesome!


Pretty, floaty wedding dress, but what the hell is up with the champagne bottle turned play-backing microphone?


I don’t even know what to say about this. It looks like she’s bird watching in a two-piece Snuggie.

The section “Blütenträume” is fantastic, and some of the others seem promising too! I’m curious to see what the complete selection will be like. I ignored the Plus section this time, because it all seemed rather dull and tunic-y. I hope that’ll be better in April.

FO: Gertie’s Wiggle Dress

Gertie's Wiggle Dress

My first sewing FO of the year (or more accurately, the last one of 2012. Somehow I didn’t get around to taking pictures earlier).

For the last couple of years I have made a dress to wear for the family Christmas dinner. This year, I figured I wouldn’t have any time, so I bought one. But of course, a week before Christmas I changed my mind and decided to sew something. Enter the wiggle dress!

Ever since I’ve gotten my hands on Gertie’s New Book for Better Sewing I’ve been itching to make practically everything from it. Wouldn’t it be fun if someone would blog all their sewing from her book just as she did for Vogue’s Book for Better Sewing? I’m not one to make that kind of commitment in advance, but there’s quite a chance that I’ll at least make most of the patterns at some point.

I absolutely LOVE that Gertie has already adjusted her standard sizing for those who are a size bigger in the hips than in the rest of their body. I cut a straight size 4, which matches my body measurements almost exactly, and did not make any adjustments to this version. It fits very well, but it would not have fit if the fabric hadn’t had any stretch.

Gertie's Wiggle Dress

The pictures didn’t turn out that well. I was too cold to pose for a long time, so we went back without checking if they were any good.

The fabric is a (mostly) polyester, slightly stretchy fabric. It’s very comfy in the bodice, but as you can see on the pictures it is a little too flimsy for the skirt. It shows absolutely every underwear line possible, so I can only wear it with one of my high-waisted, lace edged panties because even a thong will show lines at the hips. (I don’t mind, I don’t care much for thongs anyway.)

Construction wise I did not do anything special on this dress (apart from struggling with the underarm gussets because I somehow misunderstood the instructions…) The seams are tragically unfinished, but that’s not that big a deal because the fabric hardly frays. I did use an invisible zipper instead of a proper lapped zipper in the back, simply because I had one on hand that was a perfect match and I would’ve had to go out to get a normal one.

Gertie's Wiggle Dress

I got a bit lazy on the seams, but at least I finished the hem and facing with some bias tape.

Final Verdict: Love the pattern, and this version is definitely wearable. I’m already planning another version in something with a little more body, but also with some stretch. Perhaps a nice stretch cotton sateen or something similar.

Paris Stash Enhancement

The photographs from Musée des Arts Décoratifs turned out blurry and dark, so instead I have for you a full account of all the fabrics I bought in Paris. There was a huge sale on coupons in one of the stores, so I splurged on quite a few silks that ended up being only around €5,- per meter. The only ones I didn’t take photos of are a black and steel gray silk. They’re not much to look at, but will make beautiful linings for some of the other silks.

If you want to see bigger pictures, just click on the thumbnail for a slideshow-like larger view of all the fabrics.

FO: Stripey Bra & Undies

Stripey SetMy first finished thing of the year! I’ve been learning to make lingerie since last September, and slowly but steadily am I getting the hang of it. This is the first set I made that wasn’t part of any assignment or instruction. It was fairly easy to draft and sew, but getting the stripes to match on the front of the panties was a pain in the ass.

The fit isn’t perfect unfortunately- after a day of wearing I still really want to take the bra off – but it’s mostly wearable. The cups fit beautifully though, and I love the possibilities they give for combining different fabrics. The stripey fabric is a rather flimsy viscose knit from an old summer dress that has seen better days. It doesn’t give that much support, but at my small size that’s not a big issue.

Stripey SetThe inspiration for this set came from a challenge on a Dutch forum about making lingerie. Forum members could vote for the theme, and because there was a tie between “stripes” and “love” both themes were chosen. It’s probably not hard to guess which theme I went for, but the pink adds a bit of “love”, doesn’t it?

Stripey Set

Review: Burda Style Magazine March 2012

Oh my goodness, how did all these days just fly by? At the end of my past semester I was so overwhelmed by all the papers, presentations and other deadlines that I haven’t been sewing or even thinking about sewing at all. Things have eased up now, so I will have some things to show soon! (Although I’m afraid my participation in the SewColette Sew-Along has been shortlived… Too much drafting and sewing homework.)

For now, I’m taking a look at the new Burda Style Magazine, that should be in stores in a few days. Below are a few of my favourites. The full preview, with all photos and technical drawings is up on the German Burda Style website. Overall, this issue looks kind of meh to me. There are a few nice basics, such as a wrap t-shirt, trousers and shorts, but also a lot of baggy, unflattering dresses that would make the most gorgeous model look frumpy.

First up, a cute little summer dress. It isn’t very remarkable, but I like the twist in the front bodice and skirt. I wonder what the pattern pieces look like.

Pro: Interesting twist; simple but nice  design that would also look good with a cardigan over it.

Con: The placement of the twist and the slightly raised waistline. At the natural waist would probably look nicer.

The photo of jacket 115 is rubbish, and makes it look boring and unflattering, so I’m just showing you all the tech drawing. It’s a cute princess-seamed motorcycle styled jacket. I really like the asymmetrical front and the fact that it does not really have a collar. I guess it would look fabulous in a denim or even a rustic wool.

Last, but definitely not least, my absolute favourite from the bunch. No, I’m not planning a wedding yet, but the dress is beautiful. It kind of reminds me of Pippa Middleton’s bridesmaid dress, don’t you agree? The cowl neck is just beautiful, and I might transfer that to a shorter, more “everyday” kind of dress. It seems as if the skirt would be cut on the bias, because I don’t think you could get such a slinky, close fit otherwise.

What about you? Have I missed any of your favourites?