Sunday Inspiration

Homework for next week’s sewing class was to decide on the type of dress we’d like to make. I haven’t made a choice yet, but figured I’d share some of my inspirational images with you:

Can’t find a store for this one, through Pinterest

Sweet on Stripes dress from Modcloth

Red like Me Dress from Modcloth

Recreating a vintage dress 1: Inspiration

Because of my interest in drafting sewing patterns from scratch and my love for pretty vintage dresses, it only seems logical that I would try to recreate a dress based on a picture only. This 1963 (according to the Vintage patterns wiki) dress pattern does not look too complicated, but the neckline is very cute. I haven’t decided whether I want a slim or a full skirt, so I guess I’ll tackle the bodice first.

Luckily I also found a photograph of the back of the envelope, which shows the number of different pattern pieces and their shapes. I don’t think this should be an unsurmountable task, but you never know… I hope to start drafting the bodice tonight, so I can make a (small) test version tomorrow.


Road to Mother’s Day

Almost everyone has that one piece of clothing that never fits properly. For me it’s mainly trousers and fitted skirts. My hips are 1-2 sizes larger than my waist, so anything that fits properly around my hips and/or thighs will gape at the waist. My mom, on the other hand, hasn’t been able to find a nicely fitting blazer or jacket for a long, long, time. She has big boobs compared to her waist, so any blazer that fits the boobs will flop around at the waist.

This is where I can hopefully be of help. Between now and Mother’s Day (8th of May, which gives me exactly 9 weeks) I will make her a blazer that fits. We haven’t been able to find a ready-made sewing pattern she liked, so the added challenge is to draft the pattern from scratch.

Mom's BlazersSet made on

The blazers above are kind of what I have in mind. Fitted and clean, with probably a contrast trim or ribbon around the edges. Later this week I’ll take all her measurements so I can start drafting a pattern,. Luckily she already knows of my plan, so there’s no need to be secretive about measuring and fitting.