Preview: Burdastyle Magazine February 2013

January has only just begun, but always has the preview of the next issue up very early in the month. It seems to be a promising issue.

asymmetrical topFrom the theme “Urban Safari” I only really like the asymmetrical top from this picture. Perhaps I’m just tricked by the gorgeous jewel-like purple, but it seems beautiful. It’s a pity the technical drawings aren’t available yet, because I’m not sure if the shoulders are asymmetrical too, or if it’s just the hem.

Actually, taking a look at the flat photographs, the skirt might be quite pretty too. It is just really hard to make out the pleating details and the curved hem in such a busy print (which doesn’t even scream “safari” to me to be honest…).

blouse and skirtA gorgeous outfit! I would love to make this blouse in exactly these colours right now. The skirt might be a little too long for me, but chop off about 15 cm and that seems to be a winner too.

Jersey topI’m a bit torn about this one actually. Again, I think I might just be lured in by the fabric rather than the cut but it would probably be nice in a very drapey viscose jersey. This is actually the only pattern that I might consider buying the magazine for, because everything else seems easy enough to draft myself. I’ll probably end up having a quick look at the pattern pieces in the store though, so I can hopefully figure it out myself.

Have you had a look at next month’s Burdastyle Magazine yet? If so, which ones are your favourites? One of the beautiful wedding dresses from the plus size selection, or perhaps a hippie-style tunic?

Burda Magazine February 2012

Colour block dress Burdastyle 2012
This is why I am going to buy the new Burdastyle Magazine as soon as it hits the shelves here. Can you imagine the colour possibilities? It would even look wonderful in just one colour, perhaps with some piping to emphasise the seams.

I also love the way the tech-drawing shows a zipper that goes all the way down. How about a zipper that opens two ways, so you can create a split in the back whenever you want or need to!

Recreating a vintage dress 1: Inspiration

Because of my interest in drafting sewing patterns from scratch and my love for pretty vintage dresses, it only seems logical that I would try to recreate a dress based on a picture only. This 1963 (according to the Vintage patterns wiki) dress pattern does not look too complicated, but the neckline is very cute. I haven’t decided whether I want a slim or a full skirt, so I guess I’ll tackle the bodice first.

Luckily I also found a photograph of the back of the envelope, which shows the number of different pattern pieces and their shapes. I don’t think this should be an unsurmountable task, but you never know… I hope to start drafting the bodice tonight, so I can make a (small) test version tomorrow.


Road to Mother’s Day

Almost everyone has that one piece of clothing that never fits properly. For me it’s mainly trousers and fitted skirts. My hips are 1-2 sizes larger than my waist, so anything that fits properly around my hips and/or thighs will gape at the waist. My mom, on the other hand, hasn’t been able to find a nicely fitting blazer or jacket for a long, long, time. She has big boobs compared to her waist, so any blazer that fits the boobs will flop around at the waist.

This is where I can hopefully be of help. Between now and Mother’s Day (8th of May, which gives me exactly 9 weeks) I will make her a blazer that fits. We haven’t been able to find a ready-made sewing pattern she liked, so the added challenge is to draft the pattern from scratch.

Mom's BlazersSet made on

The blazers above are kind of what I have in mind. Fitted and clean, with probably a contrast trim or ribbon around the edges. Later this week I’ll take all her measurements so I can start drafting a pattern,. Luckily she already knows of my plan, so there’s no need to be secretive about measuring and fitting.