Wednesday WIP: Ginger Jeans

Ginger Jeans WIP

Yes, I am well aware it is now Thursday. I forgot to push the publish button yesterday evening.

The Archer pattern was all ready to be cut out today, but in a last-minute change of heart I decided that I really need jeans much more than I need another button-up. The fact that I have ripped the knee of my only acceptable pair of jeans but am still wearing them to teach occasionally may have something to do with this shift in priorities.

Anyway, buying pants is just the worst because they either cut off blood flow through my thighs, or they require a belt and a set of suspenders to not fall off my waist. Initially, I wanted to use a pattern I found in one of my Knipmode magazines, but I turned to the internet for advice first. I was pleasantly surprised that in the year that I almost abandoned the sewing corners of the internet a wonderful jeans had emerged.

I took a long time to decide which size to cut, because as always my hips and waist are different sizes. It looked a lot more complicated to grade between sizes here than it is for skirts or dresses. Eventually I decided to cut a size 8 at the waist and grade to a 10 at the hips, with a little bit extra on the inner thighs to be sure. Hopefully I can get it basted together later this week, and see if the fit is alright.

This will be my first time sewing jeans, and I’m kinda nervous about it. Not about the technical aspects, but about getting the fit just right, and whether my machine will be able to deal with all those layers of denim.


A Shirt for Sewing-Geeks



We interrupt your regularly scheduled Hawthorn sewing posts with a tiny not-really-sewing post! (I have cut out my final version of that now, but a pile of cut pieces isn’t the most interesting, is it?)

Yesterday I found a little package from Threadless¬†in my mailbox.¬†Usually I’m not one for funny printed T-shirts, but how could I resist this one?

Do you have any shirts with sewing (or other craft) themed prints on them?

Hawthorn Sew-Along: Blouse Inspiration

Because I’ve got my heart set on making the blouse version first, I’ve scoured the internet for nice peplum blouses to combine into one perfect one! Here’s a selection. Perhaps you’ll feel inspired too! (And by “scouring the internet” I mean typing “peplum blouse” into the Pinterest search bar.)

Right now, I’m thinking of doing lace on the yoke and sleeves, and probably making the whole thing mustard coloured. Or perhaps I’ll go for dots, or something else, or whatever I find on the market Saturday!

Mixing transparent and opaque fabrics?
From Honey mi Honey, but I couldn’t find it on their website anymore.

Another take on the lace yoke/sleeves.  No idea where this one's from... People on Pinterest aren't great with linking to the original source.

Another take on the lace yoke/sleeves.
No idea where this one’s from… People on Pinterest aren’t great with linking to the original source.

I have a thing for mustard, and lace... (Anthropologie)

I have a thing for mustard, and lace…

Can't go wrong with dots, but perhaps a bit safe? A Lauren Conrad blouse, if the info was correct.

Can’t go wrong with dots, but perhaps a bit safe?
A Lauren Conrad blouse, if the info was correct.

Road to Mother’s Day

Almost everyone has that one piece of clothing that never fits properly. For me it’s mainly trousers and fitted skirts. My hips are 1-2 sizes larger than my waist, so anything that fits properly around my hips and/or thighs will gape at the waist. My mom, on the other hand, hasn’t been able to find a nicely fitting blazer or jacket for a long, long, time. She has big boobs compared to her waist, so any blazer that fits the boobs will flop around at the waist.

This is where I can hopefully be of help. Between now and Mother’s Day (8th of May, which gives me exactly 9 weeks) I will make her a blazer that fits. We haven’t been able to find a ready-made sewing pattern she liked, so the added challenge is to draft the pattern from scratch.

Mom's BlazersSet made on

The blazers above are kind of what I have in mind. Fitted and clean, with probably a contrast trim or ribbon around the edges. Later this week I’ll take all her measurements so I can start drafting a pattern,. Luckily she already knows of my plan, so there’s no need to be secretive about measuring and fitting.