Hello from Paris!


Awesome cut outs in Lafayette shopping mall.


Dinner at Cartier

Just a quick hello from my hotel room in Paris! I arrived this morning,  and went shopping in the afternoon (now before you get all upset and ask “what about all the cultural stuff?'” I’ve done that the last time I was here). I only bought one dress: a gorgeous Karen Millen shirtwaist that was marked down 70% from over 200 euros.

Tomorrow is fabric shopping day, and Sunday I’m going to a lingerie trade show before heading home. I’ll show you my haul on Monday or Tuesday, after I’ve slept again!

WIP: Crocheted blanket

Crocheted Blanket

This blanket has been a WIP for over a year now. I only work on it every now and then, making a square here and there. I am absolutely loving how it is coming together, even if I’m only at 11 squares.

Pattern: Block 189 (Willow) from 200 Crochet Blocks for Blankets, Throws and Afghans. I’ve adapted the pattern slightly, using double crochet wherever the pattern asks for a treble, and using single crochets for doubles. Initially this was a mistake, because who needs to read a pattern, but after a few squares I decided to stick with it.

Yarn: Cascade Eco Wool in colours 8010 (Natural)  and 9734 (Coral). I have two skeins of each and I hope that will give me a decent sized throw. After 11 squares, I’ve used about 210 grams of the natural, so I can probably get a total of 26 squares out of it, which is a rubbish number. It’s probably going to be 24, but if I’m lucky I might get to 28 or even 30 squares.

New Year, Fresh Start

imageDo you ever get that feeling like when you haven’t answered an e-mail in a while and that you’re almost afraid to still answer it because it might remind someone of how long you haven’t?  That’s about how I felt about blogging for the past couple of months, and what better moment for a new beginning than a new year?

I have plenty of stuff to show that I made recently and much more to come. There’s knitting,  “normal” sewing, and lingerie sewing going on around here these days.

On my drawing/sewing table right now are all class assignments: a brown lace body and a neon zebra bathing suit. That’s the downside of a course including materials: sometimes they’re ugly.

Have a wonderful year!


I’m not a very tidy person, but organising is one of my favourite things. This morning I helped my boyfriend tackle his expanding collection of spices & herbs. (He filled, I wrote labels  – the best possible arrangement). A few jars, labels and a pen was all we needed to go from messy, half-open bags to a lovely row of filled jars. Unfortunately they’re still stuck in a cupboard for now. Once the kitchen shelf is installed, they will be out for everyone to see.


I haven’t been sewing for my Summer Essentials Challenge yet, because I have been in Paris for the past week. What I did do is fabric shopping (I went for the blue-yellow plaid); book shopping (I’m finally going to tackle Ulysses); visiting everything that needs to be visited while wearing hand-made clothes.

The dress in the bottom two pictures is what I made for the Sew Weekly “Embellish” challenge. All the posed pictures turned out rather silly, so I’m afraid this is all I have to offer for now.

Fabric: 2,5 m Joel Dewberry Chestnuts
Notions: Piping, invisible zipper, lace for the hem.
Pattern: Self-drafted
Cost: €5,- because the fabric was a gift.
Wear again: As you can already tell: YES!