Free Marjorie & New Year’s Resolutions


The last post on my blog coincides almost perfectly with the moment I started working as a teacher. Although I absolutely love teaching, it has cut into my creative time more than I had ever expected. However, my only new year’s resolution is to make more time for creativity, and by extension to finally go back to blogging.

To start off with, I want to let you all know that my Marjorie Shawl is FREE from now on. New EU VAT rules are going in effect on the 1st of January, and because I only have one pattern that I’m not even actively promoting, I’ve decided that – at least for now – it is not worth figuring out the rules.

Reader is dead, long live Bloglovin’

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A while ago Google announced that they are shutting down Google Reader this summer. This made me very sad, because it’s what I’ve been using to read all my blogs for quite a few years. Unfortunately there was nothing else to do except go on a quest for a new, user-friendly blog reader.

After a bit of searching it seems that most people are transferring to Bloglovin’, so I decided to check it out. It took me a bit of getting used to, but now I love it. It’s much easier to read the blogs on their own pages, so you can leave comments much more quickly. With Google Reader I just read the whole post and forgot to click through to leave a comment. Anyway, there’s not much point to this post, other than to say that if you, like me, need something to replace Google Reader Bloglovin’ is a pretty good choice (and maybe a little to encourage you all to click the pretty picture and follow my blog too…)

March in pictures

Oh my, time flies! I hope you all had a nice easter. A quick update on what I’ve been up to this month. I’ve done plenty, but somehow only have phone pictures to show for it.


Trying to do school work with a helpful cat.


Knitting fair in Nieuwegein with Penelope Craft.


Baby sheep and goats at the local kid’s farm.


First attempt at dyeing yarn!

In other news, I got a subscription to Knipmode, which should start arriving next week. I’m planning to set myself the challenge to sew one thing from each issue before the next one arrives, but I am unsure if I’ll make it.

It’s oh so quiet!

Sorry for the lack of interesting – if any – podts lately. I’m a little overwhelmed by everything that needed to happen in the past few weeks, such as school, internship, but mostly this:


Yup, I’m moving. Not to a very big place – only a studio – but the very first place I won’t have to share with anyone. I’m excited, but also stressed out. It still needs painting,  I don’t have electricity, I’m moving on Saturday, and not even everything is packed yet.

Anyway, once everything is unpacked and rearranged I’ll show you. Luckily there’s a huge window, so taking pictures should be easier in the new place.

Paris Stash Enhancement

The photographs from Musée des Arts Décoratifs turned out blurry and dark, so instead I have for you a full account of all the fabrics I bought in Paris. There was a huge sale on coupons in one of the stores, so I splurged on quite a few silks that ended up being only around €5,- per meter. The only ones I didn’t take photos of are a black and steel gray silk. They’re not much to look at, but will make beautiful linings for some of the other silks.

If you want to see bigger pictures, just click on the thumbnail for a slideshow-like larger view of all the fabrics.

Paris: Day 2

Paris was lovely! But I had the worst train journey back, and somehow I’m still tired. Anyway, here’s a few photo’s of my Saturday: Walking around in the snow and shopping for fabrics. Tomorrow I’d like to show you some pictures from the exhibition Fashioning Fashion in Les Arts Décoratifs if they turned out ok. (You weren’t allowed to use flash, everything was behind glass and it was rather dark. Very understandable because they want to conserve the clothing, but not ideal for the taking of pictures.)

Beautiful Paris in the snow!

Beautiful Paris in the snow!

A view of the Sacre-Coeur with a fabric store to the left an a yarn shop on the right corner. Best view in Paris?

A view of the Sacre-Coeur with a fabric store to the left an a yarn shop on the right corner. Best view in Paris?

Snowy Sacre-Coeur. Straight from a postcard!

Snowy Sacre-Coeur. Straight from a postcard!

Shopping for coupons! I didn't buy any of the fabrics in this picture, although the red one with the seagulls was calling my name.

Shopping for coupons! I didn’t buy any of the fabrics in this picture, although the red one with the seagulls was calling my name.