Preview: Burdastyle Magazine March 2013

cardigan 2

Love this cute little cardigan. A nice addition to the growing pile of knit cardigans!

floral dress

The whole “Blütenträume” (Flower Dream) section is wonderful. I love the little cap sleeves on this dress.


The gathered bodice on this is gorgeous. I would probably make it shorter though.

I'm not sure if the stripey trousers are a pattern in this Burda - but they're awesome!

I’m not sure if the stripey trousers are a pattern in this Burda – but they’re awesome!


Pretty, floaty wedding dress, but what the hell is up with the champagne bottle turned play-backing microphone?


I don’t even know what to say about this. It looks like she’s bird watching in a two-piece Snuggie.

The section “Blütenträume” is fantastic, and some of the others seem promising too! I’m curious to see what the complete selection will be like. I ignored the Plus section this time, because it all seemed rather dull and tunic-y. I hope that’ll be better in April.


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