FO: Stripey Bra & Undies

Stripey SetMy first finished thing of the year! I’ve been learning to make lingerie since last September, and slowly but steadily am I getting the hang of it. This is the first set I made that wasn’t part of any assignment or instruction. It was fairly easy to draft and sew, but getting the stripes to match on the front of the panties was a pain in the ass.

The fit isn’t perfect unfortunately- after a day of wearing I still really want to take the bra off – but it’s mostly wearable. The cups fit beautifully though, and I love the possibilities they give for combining different fabrics. The stripey fabric is a rather flimsy viscose knit from an old summer dress that has seen better days. It doesn’t give that much support, but at my small size that’s not a big issue.

Stripey SetThe inspiration for this set came from a challenge on a Dutch forum about making lingerie. Forum members could vote for the theme, and because there was a tie between “stripes” and “love” both themes were chosen. It’s probably not hard to guess which theme I went for, but the pink adds a bit of “love”, doesn’t it?

Stripey Set


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