Preview: Burdastyle Magazine February 2013

January has only just begun, but always has the preview of the next issue up very early in the month. It seems to be a promising issue.

asymmetrical topFrom the theme “Urban Safari” I only really like the asymmetrical top from this picture. Perhaps I’m just tricked by the gorgeous jewel-like purple, but it seems beautiful. It’s a pity the technical drawings aren’t available yet, because I’m not sure if the shoulders are asymmetrical too, or if it’s just the hem.

Actually, taking a look at the flat photographs, the skirt might be quite pretty too. It is just really hard to make out the pleating details and the curved hem in such a busy print (which doesn’t even scream “safari” to me to be honest…).

blouse and skirtA gorgeous outfit! I would love to make this blouse in exactly these colours right now. The skirt might be a little too long for me, but chop off about 15 cm and that seems to be a winner too.

Jersey topI’m a bit torn about this one actually. Again, I think I might just be lured in by the fabric rather than the cut but it would probably be nice in a very drapey viscose jersey. This is actually the only pattern that I might consider buying the magazine for, because everything else seems easy enough to draft myself. I’ll probably end up having a quick look at the pattern pieces in the store though, so I can hopefully figure it out myself.

Have you had a look at next month’s Burdastyle Magazine yet? If so, which ones are your favourites? One of the beautiful wedding dresses from the plus size selection, or perhaps a hippie-style tunic?


One thought on “Preview: Burdastyle Magazine February 2013

  1. i love black and white. but i think that only v shape of skirts suits me . why dont they design different patterns of it.

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