How can more than a month fly by so quickly? I haven’t stopped sewing and knitting, but I have somehow completely forgotten to show you all about it.

Anyway, time to catch up! For this week’s Sew Weekly challenge I’m working on a sleeveless dress with piping around the neck and armholes. I’m using the same self-drafted base pattern as the black dress, with a few adjustments for a really perfect fit. I wasn’t sure if piping would count as embellishment, but after seeing Veronica’s lovely dress, I decided to go for it. I’m much, much farther along than this pic shows, so hopefully I’ll have finished pics tomorrow or possibly Monday.

I’ve also been working on Parfait, by Colette patterns. This was a wearable muslin from a thrifted bedsheet. It’s finished by now, but pictures will have to wait until I recruit that boy of mine to take them. I like it, but it is a little too small in the midriff and a little too big in the boobs. I’m definitely making another version though, because it is super cute!


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