Free download: 1:4 scale dress block

When I’m trying to draft a pattern based on something I’ve seen, I most often start with a small paper version to see if I’m going in the right direction. Until now I have been using simple photocopies of a hand drawn block, but today I decided to step up my game and create a proper, pretty version. Of course I’ll share it with everyone.

Click here (opens in a new tab) or on the picture to get a pdf file with the blocks. They’re not perfect, so I don’t recommend enlarging them by 400% and trying to make a proper dress. They are very suitable for trying out new ways to change darts, shape necklines and other such things without having to get out all your pattern paper. (Or in my case, without having to make sure you clean up your mess so there is enough space on the floor to even put the pattern paper).

When it comes to adapting a basic pattern, I think I have by now realised what the most convenient order of doing things is. I always start by getting the darts to where I want them to be. Most often this means keeping the waist dart where it is, but moving or closing the bust dart. After that I shape the neckline, and then everything else. This doesn’t always turn out to be the best way, but at least I find out before I spend a long time crouched on the floor to trace yet another version of my blocks.

What order do you use for adapting your blocks or patterns? Is there anything I’m missing that could make this even easier?


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